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Freeport-McMoRan Inc., often called Freeport, is a mining company based in the Freeport-McMoRan Center, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Back in 2016, Eric Ervin Wrote a piece called "Why Freeport-McMoRan Is the Worst Stock in the World..." published by THESTREET website: "The trend is definitely not Freeport-McMoRan's friend. This post is part of the TheStreet's ongoing search to find the Worst Stock in the World. “Another less tangible factor in the ugly fundamentals backdrop for Freeport-McMoRan is the environmental impact of its business. Many of its 21 different subsidiaries operate highly polluting mining operations in emerging and developing countries. This extreme local pollution created by mining operations is starting to meet with local upheaval from farmers and unions. In fact, Freeport-McMoRan has been forced to buy protection by contracting some of the host nations' military to keep violence under control at some of its mining operations. Given the growing preoccupation with the environment and public health, Freeport-McMoRan also has to spend high dollar amounts to stay in compliance as well as to fight against a myriad of new and proposed environmental regulations around the globe” “Freeport-McMoRan is not a company investors should own at this time. In fact, it represents what can happen to a century-old company and leader in its field when the macroeconomics of its sector goes against its interests. The trend is definitely not Freeport-McMoRan's friend. When Dr. Copper starts to regress back toward its mean and it starts to raise its dividend rate, then it just might turn into a butterfly. But until then, it is recommended that investors stay away from Freeport-McMoRan”


Tell the world why Freeport-McMoRan sucks!

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Former Employee - Staffing Coordinator says

"Stressful, Micromanagement, Poor Morale. If you're on your immediate manager's bad side you can forget about advancing...EVER."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Tough if you work at one of their mines Reactive management and blame on employees Backstabbing No diversity + managers are 95% white, male seniors"

Current Employee - Diesel Maintenance Helper says

"seems impossible to get any kind of fair shake once the boss has a target on your back"

Former Employee - Repair Employee says

"No clear line of progression, refusal to promote, hostile work environment, you’re just a number, and can be easily replaced. Employees not valued by management"

Logistics Coordinator says

"Plenty... A plethora too many to list"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company does not value its employees and this shows in morale in every department and location. A lot of red tape and bureaucracy so you spend a good portion of your time on meta-work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Politics, Management Structure, No promotional pathways. 'Who you know' structure."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Limited promotion opportunities. Nepatism and good-ol-boy hiring practices."

Former Employee - Haul Truck Operator says

"hauzordes enviromment, management team needs to take a course in, People Skills. you have supervisors, that will be laughing and joking with certain persons of a crew.and then a certain person or persons, will walk up on them, and the supervisors face will go from happy, to mad frown, jaw drop to the ground,hate in your eyes kinda face. they need to treat the haul truck drivers, with dignity and respect. there the ones making the$$ for this so cold outfit... rather than trying to judge a book by its cover.and you have to get used to the fatiuge , physical & mental abuse, from the enviroment, long hours & shiftwork"

Metallurgist says

"Pay could be way better. Town was crap. Managers were the laziest I've ever seen. All they do is sit behind their computers all day and complain. On days off, I got contacted via email, mobile, or text. I just wanted to be left alone during my days off. PTO was pretty good but in all honesty, it wasn't enough time off away from that godforsaken place. Plant was an absolute mess. The worst I've ever seen. I am sad that I've had to say all these bad things about the company and give it horrible reviews. I thought I had found a long term employer."

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you want to move ahead and succeed at the company, you need to be someone's son in law or daughter in law. Wow. I have to type at least 150 words just to fill out this survey. Seriously, people will walk all over you to get ahead. They let life timers go just for their government kickbacks.It is a job. Not a secure job, but a job.Healthcare through the employer is so expensive."

Shovel Operator (Former Employee) says

"If the manager did care for his employees the company would find a way to get rid of you terrible company all they care about is it’s share holders UGH I HATE THIS COMPANY"

Mine Maintenance Senior Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"they take advantage of you being a salaried employee. You are not treated well.if you make a mistake. they use and abuse you until they don't need you anymore."

Pencaker tiada akhir (Former Employee) says

"Pengalaman saya sebagai pencaker di PT.FI sangat menyedihkan.. 1 tahun saya terlunta2 membawa dokumen dan berkas lamaran saya ke berbagai sub kontraktor ,tp apa daya semua sistem perekrutan karyawan dilakukan dengan sistem ada yang ada barang ! Selain itu hal yang menjadi masalah umum yaitu adanya "Orang dalam" yang jadi CALO dengan meminta imbalan Semoga kedepan PT.FI bisa membawa profesionalisme sebagai dasar perekrutan karyawan ."

operation1 (Current Employee) says

"dis place at freeport people turn on all kind of stuff bout they know bout ur life.i left com-pany i feel much better.i got fulltime job with differnt company. i feel alot better.i dnt feel like i being attack.i dnt work to scaredlunch30min"

Welder and Fabricator/ Diagnostic mechanic (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Freeport macmoran for 13 yrs, horrible management, they violate osha/MSHA constantly and if you bring up safety issues or unsafe and unfair acts by management they single you out and head hunt trying to get a paper trail on you.. HR is totally broken at this company.. they violate employee rights, proceed without proper investigation... This is a bad place to work..about"

Field Support Repairman (Former Employee) says

"the town is a mine camp / prison/ theres nothing to do no where to go and the people will stab u in the back first chance you give them if you werent born here and dont have friends here you will never excel at this company .. good luck and god speed...desent pay2 hr comute for groceries.."

Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work at. People judge and if you do not get in their little group then you will be terminated without proper reason and don't care if you lose everything.Excellent PayUnhealthy"

Haul Truck Operator / Heavy Equipment Operator (Current Employee) says

"Good training facility but low pay. Company preaches "safety first" but strongly shows PRODUCTION above everything else."

Haul Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is being able to make it thru your shift. I learned to not make any friends here and just mind your own business. Co-Workers and management go hand in hand here. Hardest part of the job is staying quiet and not being able to voice your opinion."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"co-workers are ok they show to much favoritism management sucks I learned to run different equipment"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Poor management Production driven Hostile work environment Long hours No support in career development Safety not a priority for employees No advancement opportunities"

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"I never worked for an outfit that doesn’t pay for certifications I was the only ase certified mechanic in the whole shop and my boss was a construction labor four years before he became the shop boss because he was drinking buddy’s with the senior superintendent of rw garage! The buddy system is in full effect with this company. Reviews mean nothing how hard you work will get you know where In That place. Only shop I have ever worked in where harbor freight tools or no tools you can still be a mechanic. The hr program is a joke most the hr people are new in the field and don’t have much experience or can help because there hands are tired. In the end it was the worse company I have had to deal with maybe they are to big to care about employees issues.Good insurance awesome company events in town sightLack of leadership"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"hard place to work for poor Sr Supervisor Manegment not a very organized place no rotation it's a very hard work enviorment for FMI But the out come of working there is that you meet alot of great people ..bonusfavoritisum"

Diesel Diagnostic Mechanic (Current Employee) says

"As a current employee, this place is by far one of the worst places I have ever worked. Coming in, they make it sound like a great place to work, it's not. They say it's state of the art equipment, it's not, maybe in the 1970s, not now. Its a buddy system, if you aren't a drinking buddy, golf buddy or any kind of buddy with the upper management, you're not going anywhere within the company. Trying to transfer out of the shops is almost impossible, that's a who you know type of situation, if you don't know anybody in that department, you'll get denied, regardless of experience. Freeport McMoRan is a joke to work for."

Diagnostic Electrician (Current Employee) says

"The slogan is" building our futures through the strength of our people" and that thier culture is Safety over production... Granted there are many people who are very very good individuals But as far as the corporation itself do not ever believe that you are more important then their bottom dollar.Good experience in a wide range of processes and technologyVery little loyalty from the company itself to the employee"

Support equipment operator (Former Employee) says

"Don't work in safford,az unless you are mormon (LDS) it's a mormon town and upper management is mormon so if you are not mormon you will get shunned out and skipped for promotions even though you work 100 times harder and safer than 99% of the people that work there."

Senior Accountant (Former Employee) says

"It's very hard to live and work in Morenci. There is a 2 year wait for housing so your on your own for the most part. This really only allows for people who know someone who already has housing to stay with a real opportunity to work there. Most people drink a lot and don't really care if they bother their neighbors. Freeport has a very hard time keeping skilled workers. They don't do enough to provide a balance between work and life. It's all about work. The culture is friends and family and they really don't like anyone from out of town much less from further away. Your only shot at advancing is if you went to school there or are related to someone. The management really reeks.They don't care about any of their employees. It's more of a culture of there are plenty of people waiting to take your job so we don't need you as much as you need a job. They will shxt all over you if they're done with you. The only positive I have is the pay. It was better than most places in the past but the pay isn't that much more that you will make anywhere else. I just isn't worth it.NoneLiving and working in Morenci"

tailing dam operator (Current Employee) says

"i really enjoy working with my group the reason that i choose to leave is due to poor management wages are ok depending on what you are looking for insurance benefits are good the company is very enviromentally concious they support the surrounding community schools parks and recreational eventswork really well with my groupmanagement"

Truck driver 01 (Former Employee) says

"For experience miner not good to many new hires keeps the company in bare minamul on province not safe always starting over with each unexperianced miner. Never a profectional jobMetal to metal training program not long enough to be safeRace around dropping rocks no professionalizem"

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